Siksika Resource Developments Limited & Subsidiaries


Siksika Nation Coat of Arms

Siksika Resource Developments Ltd.

Siksika Resource Developments Limited is the Investment arm for the Siksika Nation and was incorporated to perform two basic functions:

Manage the lands and capital assets transferred to SRDL and its subsidiary corporations by the Siksika Nation Government and those assets that are developed by SRDL and its subsidiary corporations as investments for the Siksika Nation.

Develop lands and capital assets as investments for the Siksika Nation Government with the objective of generating a defined rate of return per annum over the economic life of each investment.

SRDL is tasked with the responsibility to oversee the performance of the subsidiary companies and to ensure certain criteria including profitability and other risk considerations are carried out.

CEO Update

The new fiscal year brings a fresh start to our activities and a renewed pursuit for planning and identifying achievable goals.

Our vision at Siksika Resource Developments Limited (SRDL) is to establish and manage capital assets which are capable of generating the revenues necessary to support the Nation. There is a growing positive trend of emerging economic opportunities in and around the Nation and SRDL is progressive to evaluate and pursue these such as the development of a Siksika Industrial Park, aggregate opportunities and the Siksika Vacation Resort Limited.

Our Board of Directors are very supportive and responsive to the needs of the company. Together as a team, we continue to work towards building on our strengths and clarify our opportunities. We all look forward to making our company stronger and more profitable.


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