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Siksika Vacation Resort (SVRL)


Siksika Vacation Resort Company Ltd. (SVRCL) holds the Head Lease agreement for the Siksika Vacation Resort. The Head Lease agreement between SVRCL and Canada is for a 39-year period expiring in 2013. The agreement authorized the development and management of a 9-hole golf course, clubhouse, recreational facilities and 358 cottage lots.

S.E.D.Co and HVGRA negotiated a comanagement agreement subject to conditions which included management conditions and fees, Siksika Nation employment ratio, Business opportunities, and a Siksika Nation designated golf day.

Currently, SRDL Shareholders are exploring viable options for the resort. Community consultation will commence prior to a community referendum to approve the terms and conditions of a headlease.


Established for purposes of operating a first class golf and cottage resort operation


  • Resort Property Management
  • Resort Property Planning


  • Maintain an effective resort property management system
  • To improve the safety and continued viability of the Resort property
  • Implement the "Going Forward" plan for SVRC in preparation for 2013.

2009 - 2010 Objectives

  • Implement SVRL Negotiations Committee
  • Review current lease agreement
  • Provide information for Siksika Nation members in preparation for 2013 lease expiry.







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