Siksika Economic Development Corporation


Siksika Nation Coat of Arms

Siksika Economic Development Corporation


Siksika Economic Development Corporation (S.E.D.Co) is responsible for the management and development of commercial and industrial property.

Siksika Economic Development Corporation holds the head lease agreement for the 5.3 acre commercial complex, which includes the service station and industrial building. The Headlease grants S.E.D.Co the authority to develop and manage the commercial complex, service station, and industrial building.



Siksika Nation Commercial Complex tenants include:

Siksika Nation Tribal Administration

Mall Complex:
Land Claims
Disabilities and Elders
Siksika Family Services
Siksika Postal Outlet
Bank of Montreal

Service Station:
Siksika Service Station Limited

Industrial Building:
Siksika Employment and Training Services


Established for purpose of owning and operating on-reserve properties/assets, generating income.


  • Property Management and ownership of Siksika Business Centre and Tribal Administration Complex.


  • Maintain an effective resort property management system
  • Ensure all properties become and operate to self sufficiency.

2009 - 2010 Objectives

  • Conduct structural assessment of property
  • Continue to provide quality services to the Siksika Tribal Administration
  • Improve landscaping







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